Онлайн тест на знание английского языка

Онлайн тест на знание английского языка от школы Number One — пройдите быстро и бесплатно!
Тест оценивает уровень Ваших знаний грамматики и лексического запаса.

Тест на знание английского языка от «Number One»

  1. Herbert ___ not a student. He is a teacher.
  2. I am eating ___ apple. ____ is very tasty.
  3. What  ___  Sandra  _______  now?
  4. _____ Sam play the saxophone? — No, he can`t.
  5. There _____ a toy and two pillows on the bed.
  6. Why ____ you cry yesterday?
  7. I _____ (to visit) my grandparents soon.
  8. ____ you ever been to Thailand?
  9. The room  ___________   decorated next week.
  10. I have worked in Munich, since I  ________  (to move) to this city.
  11. He doesn`t mind  _________  (to eat out) with us.
  12. Don`t call me tomorrow at 8. I will  __________  (to drive) at that time.
  13. When I entered the room, the guests  _______  (to laugh) loudly.
  14. Who  _______  (to water) flowers every day?

  15. You  ______   ( should  /  to drive)  carefully.
  16. His little daughter  _______  (to teach) to read now
  17. By 5 o`clock I will  ______  ( to translate )  the article.
  18. She has  ______  (to do) her German hometask since the morning.
  19. They are looking at you and smiling. They must ______  (to gossip) about you now.
  20. If I  _____  (to be) a millionaire, I  ______  (to buy) a yacht.

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