Nune Hovhannisyan, преподаватель Number One

Нунэ - Преподаватель английского языка

Nune — преподаватель английского языка

Hi everyone! I am sure you want to be more successful and more productive in your life activities. Within all the skills learning English stands apart. Number One Language Center is the place where you can find the keys to success. Join our amazing and smart team to be part of it. Are you a starter ? Never mind, we’ll help you to explore the admiring spell of English. And then non-stop run to all levels. English speaking clubs invite you not only to develop your speaking and communicative skills but also have much fun. Be one of us. Looking forward to you! See you soon!

Нуне – профессионал своего дела, участник многих конференций, тренингов и семинаров. Обладатель сертификатов. Работала с учащимися разных возрастных групп не только в нашей стране, но и за рубежом.